3 days of wedding ceremony in Mumbai, India. The colours, the friendly people, the atmosphere, the food - What a place to be!
I came in the day before the wedding and had the chance to get used to the Indian climate for 24hours. And Mumbai is like jumping into a full running merry-go-around. People, colours, traffic, fragrance - all hit you impressive.
After 24hours of challenging impressions I was ready to start the wedding photography. The first wedding ceremony evening started with a get together of the girls and ladies. Traditional henna tattoos and dancing was the theme of the night. I fell in love with the colours of the pre wedding dresses.
The second day we met at the grooms place. I was witness of several pre wedding rituals of whom I understood almost none. Everyone tried to make me comfortable and I was filled with delicious foods! The evening took part in the world famous Taj Mahal Palace on the coastline of Mumbai. Bride and groom acted in a great Bollywood like show. Let the pictures speak for themselves.
On the third day the big event started. Meeting the groom near the local stadium, we danced next to a truck with loud music. Everyone seemed to be on the street. Groom and Bride met inside the stadium to be united. This was followed by hours of rituals and a final great feast in the center.
What a once in a lifetime experience. Garki and Ankit, it was a great pleasure to be with you.
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